"Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry"

MPWRM Resource Center PI, Dr. William Giannobile, presents a webinar on AI in Dentistry.  See more here.

Artificial intelligence is permeating dentistry, as it has the rest of medicine, to improve dental care and patient outcomes. Advances in genomics, the microbiome and precision medicine are impacting all facets of healthcare, including dentistry.

In this webinar William Giannobile will highlight advances in the better diagnosing and customizing therapies through patient stratification to improve outcomes. As artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into healthcare, periodontology and implant dentistry can leverage these technologies to advance oral health.

You are invited to the next webinar of the National Osteology Group Italia, which will be held in English with Italian translation. The webinar will be on 20 June 2024 at 13:00 CEST (7am EST).


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