Interdisciplinary Translational Projects Supported
Principal Investigator(s) ITP Project Title Technology Type Regulatory Path
Tara Aghaloo, DDS, MD, PhD (University of California Los Angeles) Stem cell-based therapies for bone regeneration around ailing dental implants Biologic‑Device IDE
Yang Chai, DDS, PhD (University of Southern California) Calvarial bone regeneration using 3D printed scaffold and bone marrow aspirate Biologic‑Device
Joseph Fiorellini, DMD, DMedSc (Penn Dental Medicine), George Kay, DMD (RevBio) Optimization of a Novel Organic-Mineral Bone Adhesive for Dental Bone Grafting (Tetranite) Device IDE
Ari Wes, MD (Ostiio) Ostiio: A Smart, Fully-Implantable CMF Distractor Device 510(k)
Periodontal Tissues
Peter Alff, PhD (Oraxsys Therapeutics) Immunomodulatory Strategies to Treat Periodontal Disease Biologic IND
Phillip Messersmith, PhD (UC Berkeley) and Ellen Heber-Katz, PhD (Lankenau Institute for Medical Research) Drug induced periodontal regeneration Drug
Salivary Gland
Isabelle Lombaert, PhD (University of Michigan)/​Michael Passineau, PhD (Allegheny Health Network) Non-viral Aquaporin-1 Gene Therapy to Restore Salivary Flow in Patients Suffering from Radiation-induced Xerostomia, Michael Passineau, PhD (Allegheny Health Network)/​Isabelle Lombaert, PhD (University of Michigan) Biologic‑Device IND
Sarah Knox, PhD (University of California San Francisco) Hydronovo: Regenerating the salivary gland using an injectable hydrogel Drug‑Device
Soft Tissue (Nerve, Muscle, Skin, Fat, Other)
Robby Lane, MBA (Amend Surgical, Inc.) Suture-less Trigeminal Nerve Repair Device Device 510(k)
Kevin Healy, PhD (University of California Berkeley) Bioinspired hydrogels for craniofacial muscle regeneration Device
Derrick Wan, MD (Stanford University) Transdermal deferoxamine to enhance fat graft retention for reconstruction of irradiated soft tissue defects Drug‑Device
Geoffrey Gurtner, MD (Stanford University) Prevention of scar formation in the skin using topical focal adhesion kinase inhibitors Drug‑Device
Jamie Shaikoski, PhD (Amend Surgical, Inc.) Amend Tissue Tape™ for Oral Wound Care Device 510(k)
Michael Longaker, MD, MBA (Stanford University) Local injection of verteporfin to promote wound repair via regeneration without scarring in primary cleft lip repair Drug
Jon-Paul Pepper, MD (Stanford University) Drug loaded, bioprinted fibrin scaffolds for use during cranial nerve repair surgery Drug-Device
Teeth/​Dental Pulp
Luiz Bertassoni, DDS, PhD (Oregon Health and Science University)/​Pamela Yelick, PhD (Tufts University) REGEndogel: A Bioinspired Hydrogel System for Endodontic Therapy Device IDE
Steven Bloembergen, PhD (GreenMark Biomedical) Targeted Remineralization Treatment Using Mineral Loaded Starch Nanoparticle Device 510(k)
Juan Taboas, PhD/​Herb Ray, DMD (University of Pittsburgh) Commercialization of Vital-Dent Device 510(k)

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